Monday 200323

Warm Up/Mobility:

3 Rounds-
8 Samson Lunges
8 KB/DB Swings (if you're using a DB, hold it vertical with both hands holding onto one head)
8 Broomstick Pass Thrus
In downward dog, slowly pump heels up and down 8 times to stretch backs of legs
30 sec. tricep stretch, each side
1 min. saddle stretch (sit on your feet and lean back)


4 Rounds-

1 min. Right Plank

1 min. Center Plank

1 min. Left Plank

1 min. Rest

Met Con:


12 Dips

12 Jump Squats

12 Push Ups

12 Jump Squats

*Do your dips on the side of a bench or chair. To make them more challenging, elevate your feet. The higher your feet are, the harder it will be.