Thursday 200409

Warm Up/Mobility:

3 Rounds-

20 ft. Bear Crawl 

20 Tuck Jumps

15 KB Extensions

10 Push Ups

sit in bottom of squat for 1 minute


3 Rounds-

12 Single Leg Deadlifts (each side)

12 Single Arm High Pulls (each side)

*Rest as needed between

Met Con:

"United in Movement Workout #5"

5 Rounds-

3 minutes to complete,

42 Jumping Lunges (alternating lunges)

30 DB Floor Press (15 Right, 15 Left)

9 Reverse Burpees

In remaining time, max broad jumps (4 ft./3 ft.)

1 min. Rest

Score is total reps of all movements of all 5 rounds

Floor Press: Think bench press but laying on the floor; the weight starts extended overhead and the tricep must make contact with the ground at the bottom of the movement.

Reverse Burpee: Start standing tall then lower yourself and roll backwards onto the ground until your shoulder blades make contact, then roll forward into the bottom of a squat and jump up, clapping hands overhead.

Broad Jump: Men mark two lines 4 ft. apart, women 3 ft. apart. Start with toes behind the line and with a two foot takeoff jump, totally clearing the second line. Turn and jump back, keep repeating until time is up. 

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