Tuesday 200505

Warm Up/Mobility:

3 Rounds-

15 Tuck Jumps

10 BW Squats

10 OH Rotational Reaches in bottom of Squat

10 Broomstick Sot Presses

Then, 5 Yoga Push Ups (pedal feet 4 times in down dog position)

*Ankle circles


"Flight Simulator:

For time-


Unbroken DUs 

*The only time you can rest is between sets, and you can rest as long as needed. If you trip up, start that set over again until you complete it unbroken.

*If you can't do DUs or can't string them together yet, set a 15 minute clock to work on them.

Met Con:

For time-


Single-arm Thrusters (switch sides as needed)

Ab Mat Sit Ups