Free Trial Classes

Free Trial Classes are open to the public and are intended to introduce CrossFit to those individuals who are interested in the program but would first like a chance to visit our facility and get a feel for the classes.

On-Ramp Classes

All individuals inexperienced with CrossFit are required to complete one month of On-Ramp classes. In these classes you will learn the foundational movements, theories, and methodologies behind CrossFit. Anyone can do CrossFit, but we want to ensure that your body is moving properly and in the most efficient way possible to improve quality of life and avoid injury.

To speed up the registration process, please print out, sign, and bring this form with you to Harborside CrossFit to register:


Health Information & Membership Agreement


On-Ramp classes are offered multiple times per week.  Each person is required to attend 2 classes each week for one month.  All classes on Mondays and Tuesdays are identical and all classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays are identical.  Therefore, it is mandatory to attend any one of our Monday/Tuesday classes in addition to any one of our Wednesday/Thursday classes. This schedule gives you the opportunity to work the On-Ramp program around your schedule.  If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to visit the contact page to e-mail us, or simply give us a call.


  • Sunday 200329
  • Warm Up/Mobility:

    3 Rounds-
    10 Tuck Jumps
    10 Samson Lunges
    10 BW Squats
    5 Yoga Push Ups
    1 min. Couch Stretch (each side)


    5 Rounds-

    10 Bulgarian Split Squats (each leg)

    *Rest 1 min. between rounds

    A Bulgarian split squat is a version of a single-legged squat. With one leg elevated on a chair or bench behind you (the top of your foot should be resting on the chair/bench), squat as low as possible with your front leg. Hold your DB/KB down by your side, on the same side as the leg that is elevated behind you. 

    Met Con:

    CoronaWOD #12

    3 Rounds-

    Min 1- 45 sec. Max Reps DB/KB Sumo Deadlift High Pull

    Min 2- 45 sec. Max Reps DB/KB Goblet Squats

    Min 3- 45 sec. Max Reps Mountain Climbers 

    Min 4- 45 sec. Max Reps DB/KB Shoulder to Overhead (switch sides as needed)

    *score is total reps of all movements, over all three rounds