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Harborside CrossFit offers several CrossFit classes each day. Each class is led by one of our educated and experienced coaches who will teach proper technique and lead the class through appropriate preparation for that day’s workout. Then, it is up to you to put forth as much effort as possible to complete the workout to the best of your ability.

During these classes you will improve the way your body moves, lessen your risk of injury, and many times do something you’ve never been able to do before. These group workouts foster a fun and competitive atmosphere, stimulating change, success and allowing you to reach your highest level of general fitness. Please look further into our website as we require all individuals new to CrossFit to complete an “On-Ramp” program, which teaches the methods and basic movements used in CrossFit.


CrossFit is constantly varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity. Everyday that you come into the gym, you'll do a different workout, using as many different combinations of movements, weights, times, and distances that we can creatively come up with. This keeps workouts interesting and drives results.

the Top 10 Reasons to Do CrossFit

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  1. First definition of fitness - CrossFit is the first in the fitness industry to give a definition to the word “fitness”: “an increase in work capacity across broad times and modal domains.” That means that the fittest people on earth should excel at everything and specialize in nothing.
  2. Universal scalability - Whether you’re a professional athlete, retiree, or you think you’re out of shape, CrossFit is for you. The program can be scaled to your individual needs and abilities, by scaling loads, repetitions, and even movements if necessary. The most common mistake people make is thinking that they’re too out of shape to do CrossFit. You’re not.
  3. Creates athletes, not bodybuilders - By training your body with high power functional movements, rather than repetitive isolation exercises, your body will not only look better but WORK better.
  4. Neurological adaptation - Practicing movements that occur in everyday life trains your neurological system to correctly execute those movements more efficiently. For instance, practicing proper squat technique in the gym wires your body to efficiently transition from sitting to standing in everyday life.
  5. You can’t hide your weaknesses - Our workouts will keep you honest and force you to attack your weaknesses. This is something most people avoid when training on their own, which severely limits your progress and growth as an athlete. Making your weaknesses your strengths is our main goal to get you to reach your full potential, whether you’re an athlete or just trying to be as healthy/fit as possible.
  6. Community - Joining a CrossFit gym may seem intimidating at first but you will quickly realize how supportive the community is. You will celebrate personal achievements and develop lasting relationships with your fellow classmates.
  7. Change of pace - In CrossFit, “constantly varied” is one of the main principles. You will never get bored with the WOD (workout of the day) because it is never the same. We continue to practice and get better at a variety of functional movements, but never repeat a sequence. Gone are the days of “back and bi’s,” routine is the enemy.
  8. Results - Unlike most other fitness programs, when you do CrossFit, you will have measurable and repeatable data to prove you are becoming fitter. Intensity equals power.­ Power is generated by moving a load quickly. This means you can score a workout and repeat it at a later time to measure the work produced. Not only will you see and feel improvement physically, your score will demonstrate it.
  9. Staff - Our staff is not only educated and certified, but they are continually learning and furthering their knowledge in the field of fitness. They pride themselves on creating a competitive but comfortable environment that builds every athlete both physically and mentally.
  10. Fun - CrossFit makes working out fun, again! Combine all of the benefits of CrossFit that are listed above and it’s guaranteed to be exciting. After becoming a regular, you’ll look forward to going to class everyday. If you need to experience it to believe it, contact us to set up a free trial class.

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Discover what our community has to say about their experiences at our facility. Read our client testimonials to see how we've helped individuals across Western New York achieve their fitness goals and build a stronger, healthier future.

"Good place, solid coaching. Dropped in here while on a business trip. Would definitely recommend. The people here were friendly and the WODs were tough.  Coaching was solid and properly attentive. Boss location too. It's built into an older building, which is a interesting change of pace (even from my awesome home gym) from the typical industrial warehouse locations typical of CrossFit."


"Been a Harborside member for almost two years. great coaches, great community. if you're looking for something more out if your workouts or just starting out stop by and check it out."


"Do your homework and you'll find this is the best gym for crossfit in Buffalo. Great venue, incredible coaches, and workouts that will have you breaking a sweat before you get to the locker room."


"I have been dropping into Harborside CF for a couple years now when I  travel to the Western NY area, which is typically about 2-3 times per year.  This is an excellent box and one that I would highly recommend checking out.  The coaches are extremely welcoming, knowledgable, and professional and have built a great community at Harborside.  I've always felt welcomed in this box and really enjoy the Saturday partner WODs."


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