CrossFit Coaches

Josh Makar

Nutrition Science, M.S., Exercise Science, B.S. | CrossFit Level 1 & Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Endurance | USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

While finishing his Master’s degree at the University at Buffalo, Josh Makar found CrossFit and immediately fell in love with the programming. He has been a personal trainer for 7 years and was the affiliate owner of CrossFit BAC Boulevard before founding Harborside CrossFit with Jeff and Lindsey. Josh has been a coach for athletes as young as 12 years old and those well into their 60s. During his time at the University at Buffalo, Josh worked in a nutrition and sports performance lab, and assisted in teaching a class on exercise application.

Josh has programmed for competitive youth sports teams, and along with Jeff is currently a strength and conditioning coach at Sweet Home High School where they work with multisport athletes as well as students who just want to learn about functional fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

As a group, Josh, Jeff and Lindsey regularly work out together and compete in regional CrossFit events as well as races of all lengths. Josh also loves to be physical outdoors including hiking, cycling, rock climbing, snowboarding and skateboarding.

Lindsey Phillips

Nutrition Science, M.S., Exercise Science, B.S. | CrossFit Level 1 & Level 2 Trainer | USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Lindsey Phillips has several years experience with CrossFit programming and methodologies.  She worked as a personal trainer at the Buffalo Athletic Club for 5 years, coaching at CrossFit BAC Boulevard for one and a half of those years.  She and Josh discovered CrossFit together and began following workouts over 4 years ago and have never stopped since.

She loves programming workouts for her clients, challenging them, and seeing them improve.  A big emphasis of Lindsey’s is teaching clients how to properly mobilize and maintain their bodies; so staying current with research and science is an important part of helping them.

In addition to training, Lindsey has spent time in a university nutrition and sports performance laboratory and also interned at Buffalo Cardiology and Pulmonary Associates.  There she worked in the wellness program, offering exercise and nutrition counseling to cardiac rehab patients.

Lindsey has run 3 marathons and enjoys competing in local CrossFit competitions.  She loves all sports, especially outdoor sports, including hiking, kayaking, biking, skiing, and rock climbing.

Jeff Bavisotto

Health and Physical Education, B.S., Exercise Science, Minor | Crossfit Level 1 & Level 2 Trainer, Crossfit Endurance, Crossfit Gymnastics, CrossFit Mobility | USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Jeff Bavisotto has been a personal trainer for the past five years at the Buffalo Athletic Club. He also served as the personal trainer director where he managed and over saw the training department. Jeff has worked with a wide range of clients over the years. Whether they were a college athlete, soccer mom, or a retiree with a list of health issues, Jeff has tailored a program for that individual to help them achieve their fitness goals. Many of Jeff’s current clients have been with him over the past five years.

Jeff also currently works at Sweet Home High School as their Strength and Conditioning Coach. He works with student athletes individually and sports teams as a group. Jeff uses CrossFit with the athletes to help them with their strength, agility, speed and coordination.

After 7 years of lifting weights and doing the same old leg extensions and bicep curls, Jeff found CrossFit and never turned back. Jeff has been doing CrossFit for the past 3 years and coached the past year and a half. Jeff fell in love with the intensity, Olympic weightlifting and the constantly varied programming that CrossFit entails. He is always striving to make himself better as an athlete and to continue his education to help his clients reach their full potential.

Jeff has a strong competitive nature, which is a reason why he is so drawn to CrossFit. He has taken part in numerous CrossFit competitions as an individual and with a team. Jeff also enjoys running and is constantly taking part in local races. Other than doing 5k races competitively, Jeff has also completed half marathons and triathlons. Being active is a big part of Jeff’s life, he’s either pushing himself to be a better athlete, or pushing his clients towards their goals.

Ashley Sleap

Sport Psychology, M.S., Physical Education and Health, B.S. | CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Ashley Sleap has been a Physical Education and Health teacher at King Center Charter School for the past 5 years. She has coached numerous middle school and high school level sports for Amherst Central and Sweet Home Central, including Lacrosse, Soccer, and Ice Hockey. As a collegiate level athlete in field hockey and ice hockey, she has that competitive drive and fitness background needed in Crossfit. As a PE teacher, she frequently uses various Crossfit exercises in her classes and loves helping her children fall in love with fitness.

Ashley found Crossfit after her brother introduced her to the sport and shortly after, she joined Crossfit BAC Boulevard where she fell in love with the programming style of Josh, Lindsey, and Jeff. Ashley has been doing Crossfit for the past 3 years. She is pushed every day to do her best and loves the challenge Crossfit brings.

Ashley likes competing in local team and individual competitions and has won 2 local competitions in Buffalo. Ashley likes all sports and enjoys being outdoors, especially snowboarding, playing Frisbee golf and walking her dog, Tonka.

Phil Smith

Journalism & Mass Communication, B.S. | CrossFit Level 1 Trainer | USA Weightlifting Sport Performance Coach

Phil started doing CrossFit in his garage as a form of exercise to become a better athlete and improve his overall level of fitness. Not long after, limitations on equipment and proper technique led him to join Harborside where he instantly fell in love with the structure, coaching and community. Since then, he has embraced the program, constantly pursuing a new level of fitness and living a healthy and
active lifestyle.

Prior to CrossFit, Phil’s athletic background includes four years with the St. Bonaventure University Swim Team at the division 1 level. He is also an assistant coach on the Williamsville North High School baseball staff.

He finds the diversity in movements and constantly varied workouts as the most exciting and challenging elements to CrossFit. Every day is an opportunity to learn or practice new skills while increasing overall strength and work capacity, which is a concept he encourages all athletes to appreciate.

Phil enjoys competing locally with other Harborside members and strives to be a good role model for his son and daughter, Pete and Lucy.